Why You Need an E-Commerce App?

Why You Need an E-Commerce App?

We know what you’re thinking. E-commerce websites are great, they do exactly what they need to do for the business and have a fantastic catalogue of products – what more could a consumer need? But now it's time to think about how much an e-commerce app could increase profitability and augment the success of your business.  

Capture more traffic

Mobile app development has an endless amount of benefits due to the fact that consumers spend 90% of the time on their smartphones in applications. This is because they’re:

  • Faster

  • More convenient

  • Their settings and personal information are already stored


Increase brand loyalty

E-commerce apps have the incredible ability to enhance brand loyalty and create trust between your business and its customers, which can be achieved through personalisation. Personalised push notifications that provide the individual with offers, discounts and product suggestions, tailored to their browsing or purchasing history, are a brilliant way to increase conversion.

Additionally, in comparison to traditional SMS messaging, app notifications are significantly cheaper and eliminate the need for an extensive database of mobile phone numbers.  



An app icon – your company’s logo for example – is always on a person’s phone, in their eyeline when they unlock their device and working their subconscious when it comes to a particular item they’re looking to purchase. They are more inclined to buy from an app that they see and are reminded of on a regular basis. Free advertising at its best.  


Relevant user data

App’s allow you to monitor user interaction and produce better, more detailed analytics. With this information, you can create a precise personalised experience for each individual consumer which, as a result, will increase conversion. 


Increase customer retention

An effective loyalty rewards scheme ensures that customers keep coming back. The points system proves popular, allowing individual purchases to accumulate points that can be converted into discounts, complimentary items or exclusive deals on future purchases.  


Reduces cart abandonment

Did you know that cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues in e-commerce? Attracting customers to add items to their cart is only half the battle – the tough part is persuading customers to complete their purchase. According to the Baymard Institute, the average rate of shopping cart abandonment is 69.5% on desktop websites.

This can be significantly reduced when it comes to an e-commerce app. One-click purchasing significantly simplifies the checkout process because customer’s shipping and payment information is automatically stored on the app’s database.



Increased customer loyalty, higher order value and conversion rates, faster loading times, simplified browsing, easy-as-pie checkout... the list goes on. There are virtually no downsides to creating an effective e-commerce app – so what are you waiting for? Build your e-commerce app now and simply watch your conversion rates and profitability increase.

Radek Stejskal CEO of ADAMAPP


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