Should Your Business Be Building Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps aren’t just for the user to access their favourite social media platforms, check bank details or watch videos. Businesses design mobile apps as a method of advertising themselves to the public. Many small and large businesses have adopted the trend of consumers using their phones as leverage to build their own dedicated app.

Consider the following reasons if you think your business needs an app.

What functionality can you bring to the users that would be beneficial to the business?

If you think that users are going to automatically download your app then you’re wrong. In order for users to want to use your app, it needs to include functionality that will appeal to them. For example, the CIBC app allows users to easily transfer funds from one account to another, make e-transfers and even check your credit score.

Will you be able to reach the intended audience with your app?

When you build an app you need to have a target audience, whether it’s for businesses, students or even startups. For example, the McDonald's app allows for users to claim coupons, find nearby locations, and even order on the app. The McDonald’s app has a large target audience as it appeals to students, families, and those simply looking for a quick snack.

How will you budget for the app, including costs of developing, creating and marketing?

Creating an app requires figuring out the baseline of what your app is going to do and how much time it will take to program and design the app. Once this process is done, it comes time to build the app, test it and launch. The main goal is to sell the app to the public, which means you will have to be able to market the app. All of these costs are incurred when budgeting to create an app.

In case your business hasn’t built an app, use the following reasons to consider why your business may want to build a mobile app:

  • As mentioned before, mobile apps build your businesses brand and image. They bring awareness to the users of your business presence and inform them what you do. The more customers you have on your app, the more brand recognition for your business. 
  • Many businesses don’t see the value in building mobile apps unless they serve a specific purpose. Having a mobile app will allow your business to stand out and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • You can open up new revenue channels for your business especially if the app has advertisements or in-app purchases. Video game apps take advantage of this by requiring users to purchase extra content to proceed in a game or watch advertisements to regain character health.
  • Word of mouth marketing is very beneficial for a business, as consumers will be more aware of what your business does. The more users that use the app, the more they will tell their family and friends which will increase the popularity of the app and in return the business as well.
  • As technology grows, many people are using phones and other devices to access the content. This means that people are more likely to know about your business especially if you have an app that is popularly used.

Many businesses create mobile apps as a way of expanding their business and finding a new audience. Something to consider is that majority of the smartphone users download apps each and every day, as they become more convenient to access. You can use that to your advantage and build a great app that people will enjoy.

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