Supporting Parents with Nutrimimi

For new parents, it is only natural to pull every article from the internet, read every magazine and baby book in sight, and seek advice from every medical expert, friend and family member who has experienced childbirth, in preparation of the intensive 9 months, and thereafter. However, regardless of how prepared parents may feel, there are many surprises that occur along the way. Mobile applications assist new parents in their times of need, offering a level of support not available in the past.

Initially, women were reliant on doctors’ visits, books and other learning aids to provide them with important information on what to do, and what not to do while pregnant, post-childbirth, and in the early stages of motherhood. Often guidelines were too generic and eventually outdated if not previously updated with new developments.

New generations of parents have the advantage of learning through an array of educational resources now including mobile apps. Adamapp has contributed to the healthcare of women with their innovative Nutrimimi App, available for Android and iOS, which monitors the stages of pregnancy and the first 1000 days of parenthood. 


ADAMAPP understands the difficulties that dietary restrictions placed on new moms, especially when extra measures are required to remain healthy. Therefore, we’ve embedded an accurate timeline feature in the Nutrimimi App that aligns the weekly development stages of your pregnancy, to a bi-weekly guide, providing information on the nutritional values of various foods. The guide also informs women what the appropriate food proportions are based on the week of their pregnancy and mother’s weight, eliminating the need to guess. You can browse the web or sift through maternity magazines to obtain helpful information and tips, or you can conveniently leverage our library of articles on Nutrimimi. 

Post Birth

For a new mother, the first two years of a baby’s life are critical and nerve-wracking and the number of first occurrences for mother and child are ongoing. Nutrimimi tracks your breastfeeding with an embedded report and monitors your baby’s weight before and after feeding times. The app tracks your baby’s growth and development, offering comparisons to that of the average baby of the same age. This enables you to understand if your child is under-developing, overweight, etc. For mothers who have questions, Adamapp has developed a live chat feature, which allows you to participate in discussions with professionals to address apprehensions or concerns and gain insightful knowledge about safe and healthy nurturing options. You can rely on expert advice from a combination of nutrition specialists, midwives, nurses, and nursing counsellors to ensure you’re receiving the peace of mind and proper guidance. 

Other Features

The Nutrimimi App operates through your own personalized account and is highly customizable, allowing you to program specifications in accordance with your preferences. You can set reminders and receive timely advice depending on the stage of your pregnancy or child’s age. Since the application requires a login account, losing your mobile device won’t prevent you from accessing your records through another source. 

Upon request from Nutricia, ADAMAPP created the versatile mobile app with a desire to give parents the opportunity for self-help. We wanted them to have quick access to a well-rounded resource with the option of communicating with live experts, if in the case they were unable to find information elsewhere or visit their doctor on demand for simple questions. Though Nutrimimi is highly informative and intuitive with pristine accuracy, it is not a substitute for in-person medical care with a proper physician. Parents understand their primary source of contact is their doctor/obstetrician gynecologist (OB-GYN), with Nutrimimi by their side to provide peace of mind during this time. 

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