How to Create Your Unique App in 7 Simple Steps

Our lives are so attached to mobile phones that we can't live without it. No matter what kind of business you are running whether it is a startup or an enterprise, you have to know how to take advantage of mobile apps and use it as your powerful weapon to approach target users.

The benefits of mobile apps can be influential and straightforward. As they can:

  • Make your business accessible for everyone
  • Communicate with your target customer directly 
  • Strengthen your brand image 
  • Elevate user experience 
  • Increase user engagement 
  • Maximize profit 

With the following seven simple steps, you will understand the concept about how to create your unique app and how can we help you with the lifecycle of the mobile app development.

Step 1: Aims & Objectives - What's the purpose of your app? 

While shaping your idea into reality, here are a few quick questions that you need to consider your app idea: 

What problems are you trying to solve with your app?

What goals are you trying to achieve? For example:

  • Develop repeat customers
  • Increase sales
  • Collecting data
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Streamline current workflow
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

Who will be your target users? 

The points mentioned above will help you clarify your app use cases. Based on the answers, we can proceed to requirement gathering.

Step 2: Requirement Gathering - Collect your ideas on functionality and features.

Let's define your app scope!  What kind of features or functionalities will it require to achieve your app goal?  It could be push notifications, social integration, articles, content management and many more. Try to think and write down all the possible functionalities that can bring value to your app and benefit your target users.

Step 3: Research time -  market, user and competitors research.

Before marketing your app, it's necessary to know the market, the type of users and even your competitors. During this process, we have to understand what the user expectations are, what value can you bring to the user, how the market is, and the competitors you would be against. We can set up your selling and marketing strategy based on the deliverables. 

Step 4: Prototyping - Blueprint and use case 

When we become clear about the app goal, as well as gathering detail functionalities and features, we are ready to go for the next phase, which is prototyping. To create the blueprint, there are plenty of free resources for you to try out and unlimited to use on any devices like inVision. They allow you to make interactive prototypes in both platforms and see how they work visually, which can then be easily presented to your investors and stakeholders as a demo. Before the development starts, creating the prototype can be a time-saving way for you to review and modify your solution while saving your development costs. 

Step 5: UX/UI Design 

While creating the UX or UI screens, make sure to present the most user-centred and easy-to-navigate designs which are clean and straightforward. There are few tools which are commonly used in creating graphic designs for screens such as Sketch. They are fast and simple tools to create mobile app design, which can easily be exported for later development use. Our world-class graphic designers can help you in creating the most up-to-date design which follows your unique brand style, as well as platform guidelines and best practices.

Step 6: Development 

At this point, it's time to create your custom app. You can either choose some mobile app builder solution which may have some limitations or work with our skilled and experienced 70+ in-house developers to deliver your project on-time with outstanding quality. 

You will be the first to check the finished product and get a sense of how it works. Meanwhile, our QA team will make sure the app looks good and functions effectively on all devices.

Step 7: Launch - make your app say hello to the world.

The final step is to share your app with the world. After you decide on the preferable app store, let's create your account so that your target users can download the app easily. Don't forget it takes some time for both Google Play or App Store to review your app, so make sure you know your apps release date. The release of your app is just the start of your journey. After releasing the app, monitoring the app status is vital to know. This allows you to update your app as it grows and becomes more stable, which in return is a good quality experience for your users. We can also supply you with long-term maintenance support and customized service level agreement.

With the steps mentioned above, why not bring your ideas into reality and let ADAMAPP do the work for you.

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