Why should you be using AI in mobile app development?

Why should you be using AI in mobile app development?

It’s no secret, mobile app development is booming. And while the market is still at its infancy, apps have transformed the way we live.

Business leaders recognise that with competition being fierce and customer loyalty loosening at the same time, the need to get closer to understanding their customer's behaviour, whether it albeit through their past purchases, current preferences, and their overall browsing habits, is what is going to be pivotal to driving the evolution of the customer journey. 

AI applications in mobile apps such as image recognition, self-learning, security, and data processing help make user interactions engaging whilst learning more about their customers.

What other ways should business leaders be using AI in mobile applications to enhance the customer experience?

Innovative ways to use AI in Mobile App Development: 

1. Monetise

As most mobile applications are free for consumers to download onto their mobile phones, this can be a daunting prospect if you are not within the e-commerce market or otherwise. With AI, you can hone in on advertising on your app to produce ads that will positively impact specific users - whether this is according to their demographic, location point, or any other previous interaction data points. We already see this amongst giants Amazon, Netflix and Instagram who have built their algorithm to produce ads - which takes AI to the next level by analyzing content data and optimizing ads to fit users' interests. 

2. Recommendation Mobile Apps

AI boosts the revenue of mobile apps. This means that a well-built app around an algorithm that centres around recommendations encourages users to stay on the app for longer amounts of time and spend more. Recommendations have also been seen to help reduce cart abandonment, drive sales, and increase upselling. And this is not just applicable for online retail; the technology can also be transferred to analyse user preferences to suggest what to buy, read, or watch next. The most understated forecasts from the Tesco shopping app shows that users not only appreciate recommendations, but it has been crucial to helping them save time when searching for products and/or services.

3. Focus on Quality user experience

Using the app’s acquired data points helps interpret users emotion and understand their opinion about the product/service/information. And with every app interaction with each user, you will customise the app to become intuitive and continuously personalised. 

AI-infused technologies such as image analysis can help enterprises to gain consumer loyalty in a competitive market. We have recently seen this with Instagram who has publicly stated on their terms and conditions that they use the users front screen camera whilst users are on the app to understand where their eyes stop when they are scrolling - this is said to help the app deliver on providing customised sponsored ads and thus making the app more efficient and simplifying transactions at the click of a button. 

Professional AI Solutions at ADAMAPP

At ADAMAPP, we help companies identify areas suitable for AI application, define the problem, scope, best approach, and data required. We then can present our AI solution-based recommendations while maintaining the investment as well as the risk low. After successful validation, we deploy our engineers and deliver a production-ready software solution with a complete user interface, seamless integration with your infrastructure as well as appropriate SLAs.


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