Where next from buzzword past of AI reference

Where next from buzzword past of AI reference

We all remember days when most of start ups and projects using some automated tools and few smartly patched Python code layers, called themselves the AI revolution in the industry. It is safe to say we have moved from playing with word AI to actual useful and applicable use cases of Artificial Intelligence.

We are on the exponential trajectory of AI advances in our society and to some, it might sound scary due to the inevitable transformation of many jobs but I believe it will also bring so much good if used well and with social responsibility. AI sector will create millions of new jobs and improves our overall efficiency. 

Few facts, according to Grand View Research, the global AI market size is expected to reach almost USD 160 billion by end of 2020, an increase of 12,3 % over 2019. By 2027 it is expected to reach USD 733 billion. 

The way we live, work, and socialise has been under heavy impact by Covid19 and will force our society to adopt a new way of operating and interacting with every aspect of our day-to-day routines. We already see it in the retail industry where most of the businesses are undergoing a full-on digital revamp. AI plays already its strong role in e-commerce by helping to guide a customer through the website exactly the way he without assuming needs it or suggesting the very right product at the very right time to a particular customer. We all know that strange feeling when opening Instagram and the first advert that we see is that new gadget I was only thinking to buy for my bike, oh hold on, did I already search for that or no… 

Yes, we are deeply connected and most of the industries will start applying AI and ML to get closer to their customer, to understand them better, to be able to offer better service. I wish to see the more positive impact of AI also in the health industry, helping to develop vaccines faster than ever, to be able to spot cancerous skin spot way earlier than any doctor would with the naked eye, and what fascinates me most, for us to be able to understand better the human brain. What the likes of Neurolink and other similar projects are about to bring soon is beyond fascinating.

There are many industries and parts of our life which inevitably will get touched or radically changed by AI. Very much desired goal, and something I stand by very strongly is to use AI for positive impact, improve the quality of our lives, understand nature better, improve our health, improve our learning capabilities, and perhaps help us to live on other planets.

Jan Navratil Head of Strategic Partnerships at ADAMAPP


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