Webinar recap: 4 insights on the transition from Retail to Ecommerce

Webinar recap: 4 insights on the transition from Retail to Ecommerce

Our latest webinar, From Retail To Ecommerce: Tech to Transform the High Street, was a chance to share, together with a panel of professionals, a lot of useful advice on how ecommerce tech can increase your retail profitability nowadays. To find answers to the most burning questions and put in the limelight the best solutions one can have to adapt to the new world of retail, we gathered together with Fountain three speakers.

Indy Mukherjee, Chief Commercial Officer of Zellebrate, Adam Hetherington, Senior Agency Manager at Google, and Dan Shaw, Managing Director of Komo & Inc Retail., joined us and shared their experiences with a series of insights on the future of retail within the new post-lockdown world. 

Here are 4 of the main things you can take away from us and our strategies:


1. There is a huge opportunity for retail & ecommerce business

Discussing how the retail world was overall impacted last year by the Covid-19 pandemic and about the learning points each of the speakers led us to, we identified the opportunities for retail and ecommerce businesses. Having a hard time shopping caused a pent-up demand that the retailers can use to their advantage. This applies mainly to the local retailers, which started to occupy more important places and realised that they also need to make some changes to make their businesses grow within the last years' lockdown. 

2. Now is a perfect time for rebranding 

While understanding the big need to embrace digitalization, the retailers have now the chance to invest a bit more of their time and attention to rebrand themselves and customize their businesses. Hence, they answer the customers' needs better. Therefore, now is the perfect moment to add digital features that improve the customers' experiences and invest a bit more in restructuring the brand's image. 

3. Nothing without innovation

Innovation is not something that can be avoided or delayed. It is a request from the customers that started to shop mainly online, so the businesses must answer to their needs. Local businesses are smaller, and they can be more agile in embracing different digital tools. It is important to bring this mindset to the medium and larger businesses, too, since their success can not anymore be granted in this world of fast technological changes. 

4. Blended approaches of online and offline retail see the best results

The secret, however, is not to embrace only digitalization but to find the right balance between the online and the offline journey. Customers love online shopping because it’s easy and convenient, but they are aware that they tend to make impulsive purchases when they engage in it. Offline shopping is sometimes the option for more considered purchases when the customers want to be sure of their choices and test them before buying. Therefore, to have the best results, both online and offline strategies must be considered and mixed until the business achieves its greatest balance. 


For more detailed insights on our discussion, you can access the recording here. And if you want to find out more about how these strategies can benefit your business in a 15-20 minute discussion, you can always contact:

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