The biggest hiccups in recruitment

The biggest hiccups in recruitment

In the wake of the pandemic, recruiters and their teams are grappling with a host of new issues that are morphing and expanding every day. In the short term, talent acquisition teams are racing to find ways to make what has historically been a very high-touch human process into a virtual one.

It has been a journey to say the least to figure out how to effectively work from home, conduct video interviews, make successful offers (to candidates whom the hiring manager may not have met), and remotely onboard new hires.

And just as answers to those concerns bubble up, larger issues surface. In many companies, there has been a decline in hiring while at others the demand for new people has soared. Budgets, goals, and headcount are all getting serious reconsideration.

Which leaves us recruiting leaders wondering how we can turn these hiccups into opportunities?

Our team at Savant Technology Recruitment have listed the biggest hiccups we have experienced whilst in crisis mode and how we turned them into an opportunity.

1. Hiring is picking back up again

Whilst at the peak of the pandemic last year, recruiters like us were lucky enough to be able to continue to recruit - we had a very strong and engaging clientele who we could rely on and who in turn also needed us to continue to recruit for them whether that be a need for more contractors or permanent new staff to come join their teams to work on multi-million pounds worth of tech projects.

Salesforce as an example was our primary domain that we have been lucky to capitalize on - clients that already were Salesforce customers increased their product packages with them and this in turn created a massive demand for new talent in this area, and on the other hand also our new clients that were not Salesforce customers originally understood as a result of the pandemic that CRMs systems are no longer a “nice to have” element to a business but a necessity to survive at a minimum and therefore required new talent to join their new projects and programme teams.

But in contrast to last year, we are definitely seeing the marketplace overall picking back up again, and we can feel this surge in companies proactively looking for new talent to join their organisation.

I would say that hiring is still not where it was before the virus hit, but we are in a stronger position to reach out to new companies as the demand builds back up again with businesses beginning to reopen.

Businesses have also realised that they need to make decisions and not stay in limbo for the sake of the bottom line first and foremost. These decisions have taken shape in many forms, some have been with companies that were forced to make redundancies and thus in turn needed to build a whole new team to adapt to the new climate with new skills, to other businesses who have been fortunate enough to not have the pandemic affect their business at all and in their own words say that it has been “business as usual” and thus they have needed more people to come onboard and join their growing teams to deal with the growing capacity.

2. Virtual recruiting is here to stay

Companies in the past post COVID did dab into video interviewing and other remote assessments in the past, however not at the obvious scale we are seeing today.

Our current reality of living in a lockdown has sparked all companies now to create an end to end virtual recruiting process for the first time. And they’re embracing the cost and time savings that this evolution brings.

In a recent study that surveyed 500 recruitment professionals, it was reported that 44% said time savings have been the greatest benefit of virtual interviews.

The study also in turn found that with video interviewing becoming the new normal - well, the risk of “hiccups” has never been higher.

And 41% cited using technology as their biggest challenge with impacts of loss of connectivity, disruptions in the background and the need in real life human interaction.

I think in the future we can expect to see organisations adapting this virtual hiring process into a hybrid model that will combine virtual and in-person elements when lockdown and social distancing laws relax over the upcoming months.

3. Onboarding may also be virtual

Inevitably many companies are also having people start their new jobs with them from their own homes, even if they plan to eventually have them work in an office.

The onboarding process has been different for each company, with some firms sending their new employees the necessary remote laptops and other IT equipment via post while others have simply been able to work remotely comfortably with their own personal laptop and IT equipment.

Linkedin recently mentioned that they wanted to elevate their onboarding experience for their new recruits, stating that “successful integration into the team boosts productivity and retention” which of course makes sense.

They themselves have created their onboarding programs into virtual experiences. For example, they have created a new employee onboarding program and transformed a one day onboarding virtual presentation into a one-week virtual event that uses video conferencing software, videos, live speakers and facilitators, a new-hire company page, and a digital scavenger hunt.

We at Savant Technology Recruitment have not yet to see any unforeseen hiccups with this one, which has been a huge bonus for us and our clients to see that our IT infrastructure has been set up in a way that we can continue to work remotely and effectively whilst we are all working from home.

Final thoughts

We’ve asked our clients to be even more compassionate and thoughtful if there are kids around or noise in the background. Whilst in a time of social distancing, as recruiters we need to continue putting effort into staying closely connected with candidates, clients and our colleagues.


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Julia Guesmia Market Researcher at Savant Recruitment Experts


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