ADAMAPP: trailblazing tech without the hiccups

ADAMAPP: trailblazing tech without the hiccups

Over the last 25 years, businesses have been experiencing a shift in the way customers engage with brands. The evolution from a traditional in-store experience to online equivalents, or even virtual in-store capabilities, has changed the way customers shop. Clever businesses, in turn have altered the way they operate.

Brands need to find new and exciting ways for customers to interact with them while standing out from the crowd. This is something we at ADAMAPP are well versed in, and as a company creating trailblazing products, we know a thing or two about how to do it right. 

The know-how

Our technology solutions don’t just help you create online platforms or alternative instore experiences, we also provide the best talent for the job. Our team of experts, dotted around the world, have hands-on experience in building, optimising and innovating new products. With app development, platform creation and AI capabilities under our belt, technology is in our blood. And with more than ten years’ experience, we’ve honed our methodology to help you avoid the hiccups.

Our methodology

Our 4-step methodology sets us apart from the rest. We create a clear and collaborative plan between our designers, software engineers and your team throughout the design process, as well as after we launch your product. Our unique methodology contains four distinct phases: Discovery, Design, Engineering and Maintenance, and Future Development.

  1. Discovery

We’re big on partnership, and that starts with conducting workshops with you to understand your vision. Our expert engineers and product managers find a technology solution that will best fit your idea and business. And then we begin to map out a plan.

  1. Design

Keeping you in the loop, our senior designers work on creating an interactive prototype of your product. Our products are designed for easy deployment, complete with a tailored UI and reviewed UX.  

  1. Engineering

Our team is quick off the mark when it comes to adapting and improving your product. By keeping the communication lines open with you and your stakeholders, we can implement adaptations quickly and prepare for your product to go live.

  1. Maintenance & Future Development

Where other technology businesses will create the solution and leave, at ADAMAPP we do things differently. We stick around for the maintenance of your product, update the platform as it evolves and plan collaborative roadmaps for the future.


Our Clients

With our proven methodology, we’ve created and helped release more than 420 apps for businesses across various industries. Using our leading-edge products, clients like Tesco can now offer customers online shopping directly from their mobile with the Tesco E-commerce app. The app combines supermarket products, customer vouchers and Tesco’s loyalty scheme Clubcard points in one convenient and easy to use application. Not only have Tesco’s customers gained a streamlined service, Tesco themselves have also reaped the benefits. Marketing costs are down 50%, and spending is up three times through the mobile app compared to their original website. And, it isn’t just Tesco who have seen the rewards of innovative technology solutions. All of our clients have experienced improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.


What sets us apart from other technology businesses at ADAMAPP is our proactive approach. We understand technology is continuously changing, along with customer needs. That’s why we never stop learning, adapting and creating new products for our clients and their customers.

Radek Stejskal CEO of ADAMAPP


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