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COVID-19 has proven the need for digital and irreversibly changed the way we operate. According to a McKinsey & Company survey from May 2020, 75% of people who were using digital channels for the first 90 days will continue to use them when things return to “normal”. This is where we come in…

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75 %

of first-time digital buyers plan to continue using digital channels after COVID-19

E-commerce app

We have been working with ADAMAPP since 2013. They have always been more like a partner than a supplier in helping us develop a successful mobile app. And we receive positive feedback and reviews from users every day!

Aleš Hegenbart, Digital Marketing Specialist, SAZKA




    Full integration with your loyalty program



    Exclusive targeted offers for your customers

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    predictive analysis

    Predictive analysis in combination with our unique AI/Machine Learning technology

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    Complex support

    Complex support in data-driven strategy and decision-making

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    Augmented reality

    Augmented reality features

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    Cutting edge technology

    Stay ahead and scale up your technology solutions

I am very happy to recommend ADAMAPP to anyone looking for quick and professionally created mobile phone applications which are expertly made for all kinds of businesses and public activities.

Aleš Opatrný, Head of Economic & Commercial Section, Embassy of the Czech Republic in London

features of your e-commerce app

  • 01

    A full portfolio of your website products

  • 02

    Simple and efficient filtering options

  • 03

    A seamless experience for customers across both iOS and Android platforms

  • 04

    Personalised homepage for each customer

  • 05

    Targeted push notifications and product suggestions

  • 06

    Accessible voice command capabilities

  • 07

    Integration with analytics tools

E-Commerce | Mobile App Developers | iOS & Android  - Features

Our dedicated team for
your ecommerce app

Your ADAMAPP e-commerce team:

A business analyst who will take the time to really understand your business requirements
A project manager for communications between the client and development team, including regular check-ins for budget, timeline and work progress
A senior Android & iOS developer
A quality assurance engineer, for quality control



We are very satisfied with ADAMAPP. They were always flexible and made us feel anything was possible. We appreciate the ability to easily manage our content in the back office. And the app makes us - and our customers - very happy.

Tereza Roučková, Digital Experience Manager, Nutricia

sounds too good to be true?

Thanks to our broad experience in the retail field, we can build your very own e-commerce application in just four weeks vs the standard six-month in-house timeline. Yes, really. The good news keeps on rolling because ADAMAPP takes care of everything. The only requirement is an already existing e-commerce website.

The long term benefits:

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    Increase in new sales, as well as repeat purchases

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    Targeted, individual offers and content

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    Brand awareness

    Add to your digital deck and make your brand more accessible

E-commerce app

Tesco Case Study Of E-commerce App

Tesco is one of our client's, where we implemented this fast e-commerce app approach. Within the time application evolved and you can see longterm results below.

  • 3x

    Increase in spending when using the application compared to the standard website.

  • 12M+

    Push notifications sent to consumers per year. With a 25% conversion rate.

  • 50%

    Decrease in marketing costs due to a lower volume of material distribution by SMS, email or post.

  • 25%+

    Customers who visited the website also downloaded the app.

E-Commerce | Mobile App Developers | iOS & Android  - Tesco App

We needed a flexible solution that was fast, secure and simple to use across multiple platforms. Without exception, they delivered over and beyond.

Andrew Matheson
Andrew Matheson Service Delivery & Infrastructure Manager,
Tesco Ireland
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