Reporting tool

Companies are moving towards a digital platform to prevent, track and report incidents. Don’t let the effects of theft and damaged products diminish your business’ potential. We embodied the concept into a concrete and customized tablet application.

Intro background

The app was developed for iPads supporting iOS 11 and later using Azure Active Directory. This AD is used for user management, authorization, and authentication. Based on user groups in AD, it is possible to divide the users according to the necessary functionalities of each user and thus it sets the different user rights in the application. The solution runs on a Microsoft SQL database by taking product information from the client systems as well as storing information. This is processed by the backend we create, as the application communicates with the backend using the Microsoft app service (API). As well, if the device is offline, the incident remains stored in the local database that will be synchronized with the Azure database once the device is re-connected to the internet again.

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  • User account icon

    User account

    Control your account

  • Scan barcodes icon

    Scan barcodes

    Retrieve information

  • search records​ icon

    search records​

    Create and modify them​

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  • Attachment icon


    Attach photos, videos and PDFs

  • Store data icon

    Store data

    In a centralised location

  • Efficiency icon


    Increased employee’s efficiency



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