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Not only do we make applications, we also make websites. Our team of specialists will help you create a modern website starting for the design all the way to how the content is managed. We are dedicated to helping you build your website to fit your needs and requirements.

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Having a tailored website is not the only thing we focus on. We also integrate the website with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and a Sitemap, which will allow you to view the behaviours on your website. These tools will allow to understand various statistics on your website, whether that would be the amount of visitors or the time spent on the webpage.

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    We would love to meet you over coffee or phone call to discuss your idea and collect the requirements.With our skilled team of graphic designers, project managers and developers, we can offer professional insights and suggestions to create a tailor-made website just for you.

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    We make sure that the website is at peak performance across all devices and operating systems, to ensure optimal performance.

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    Our quality assurance team will test the entire website through multiple devices and debug for any issues, to ensure a well-functioning and smooth website.

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    When your website is built and published, we can promote the page with the on-page SEO, along with the right exposure on any search engine.



    Our solution is built on a headless CMS, which allows you to easily edit everything in one place.


The appearance and quality of your website is key to having a platform for advertising your business. It’s important to for the website to be intriguing, easy-to-navigate and impressive to your visitors, which is why we have an extensive knowledge in creating the ideal website.

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The goal of a website is to build your company’s brand and create a communication bridge visitors. We make sure to connect the website to your systems and allow you can edit the content on the website yourself through the Content Management System (CMS). Lastly, with the desktop version of the website complete, the mobile version also needs to be worked on. As a mobile-centric society, we ensure the website will be optimized for any mobile device as users interact with it.

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We produce simple, dynamic and striking single page presentations that require only minimal maintenance, which also include a CMS content management system. If you would like to run a short-term campaign, such as conducting a market survey in the form of polls or build a brand for your individual products and services, a single page website is the right choice for you. You can tell the stories with a streamlined flow on single page websites and visitors won’t be disturbed or lost while exploring. It also brings a straightforward, simple and strong impression for all visitors.

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We have extensive experience with internal applications and websites, providing internal information systems and intranets (attendance, payroll and warehouse systems) a connection to other solutions (web presentation, e-shop, etc.). Our internal systems achieved great success in many companies where they have streamlined the internal processes into a well-integrated and stable system.


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