The world’s most unique online marketplace, zellebrate gives cashback and discounts on six million products - whether the customer buys online or in the real-world shop. It achieves this by using a new type of cashback facility - integrated cashback - combined with a geolocation function that allows customers to see everywhere the item is available, both online and in nearby shops. Vouchers, deals and promos for items are automatically applied, no matter where or how the customer shops.


Zellebrate wanted to create the world’s first online marketplace that showcased products from both local real-world shops and online retailers, giving customers the widest possible choice. The company also wanted people to benefit from deals and cashback no matter where or how they shopped - online or offline - and without any effort on the customer’s part.

This meant ADAMAPP would need to devise a system that could incorporate millions of products from thousands of retailers. These retailers use a wide variety of platforms - and in some cases, have no online presence at all. This all needed to be integrated with an offers and cashback facility that would work offline or online.

To help customers further, the company wanted Augmented Reality ‘try-on’ experiences for make-up.

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ADAMAPP worked closely with zellebrate from the start of the project, helping with business development, UX And UI on this complex ecommerce marketplace. As a start-up business, many of the ideas were innovative and required the development of new technology, plus integration with new tools and platforms, such as cashback integration, AR and hologram notifications. We created a multi-platform, omnichannel solution consisting of the main zellebrate website, Apple and Android apps, plus an easy website builder for local shops that don’t already have an online presence. ADAMAPP then incorporated all six million products, deals and offers across all platforms so that a customer’s shopping experience continues seamlessly across all

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Among the more exciting aspects were:

  • Integrating the cashback in such a way that users could gain rewards both in real-world shops and online, simply by registering any ordinary Mastercard, Visa or American Express 
    with zellebrate.
  • Incorporating deals, promos and cashback from thousands of retailers who use a wide variety of systems - and ensuring these are automatically applied, even if the customer isn’t aware that cashback or an offer is available at the time of purchase.
  • Helping develop and refine the business model, from start-up to launch and beyond.
  • Adding AR virtual try-on options for make-up.
  • Devising a way that local retailers without an online shop can showcase their products and real-world shops on zellebrate.
  • Using a localisation function to show products that are available to buy in nearby shops and also anywhere online.

Zellebrate successfully launched in Q3 2021, and ADAMAPP continues its work with the company to develop its unique and rewarding 360-degree shopping experience.

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