By having the Sazka mobile app on your phone, it is as if you are holding a fully-fledged betting station in your hand: you can bet wherever you are and instantly know your results. The Sazka mobile app offers a simple, quick and convenient betting experience. You can verify the success of lottery tickets by simply scanning them or even use a number generator for new betting games that you have not yet discovered. A complete history is stored in the app consisting of all betting records and favorited tickets which also displays statistics on number frequencies as well as reminders for upcoming draws.

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The goal of the Sazka mobile app was for users to be able to check their lottery tickets and monitor winning numbers at their complete leisure. Currently, customers simply place their bets and allow the app to handle the rest. They receive instant push notifications of winning numbers, prize amounts and draw results. If users wish to place their bets in person, they can use the app to locate the closest Sazka betting station.

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Using the application, users are able to check their results by scanning their ticket or manually entering the numbers (which are verified by an implemented algorithm to ensure its accuracy). This allows users to check their numbers even if they are not able to scan their ticket. They can also save their numbers if they wish to see them later, while either online or offline, or reuse their favorites in future bets. In addition, they can set reminders on selected games and announcements for draws which enables them to receive push notifications. The app is equipped with a push server which allows them to send over 100 000 targeted notifications in minutes to accommodate their large number of users without a delay.

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