Get rid of paper-based bureaucracy and make our employees’ work easier – that was the assignment from MetLife Insurance for a new application for their sales network. The eModel app simplifies the insurance process and reduces the need for lengthy manual verifications while saving piles of paper and eliminating errors. A satisfied sales network is key to the success of any business. Quick processes mean quick processing and, in turn, paying commissions back to the sales network is faster as well.

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Metlife task


In 2014, MetLife approached us with the idea of digitizing its insurance applications. The old-fashioned paper process was error-prone, time-consuming, and unecological. With the goal of “paperless insurance”, we simplified the process of arranging insurance products for clients, brokers, and underwriters, thus helping MetLife build a solution from scratch. This task included everything from architecture design to analysis and development for all platforms (iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows), with easy-to-use interfaces for the insurance brokers.


The app encrypts all the data and stores them in the cloud, so brokers can come back and edit them anytime. They just need a tablet or computer to hand. All of the app’s features can be used offline as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing data or dropping the connection. Our solution is flexible and can be adapted to any market with different insurance regulations, conditions for data protection, and insurance products. Using the eModel app, you will be able to make your brokers’ efforts more effective, streamline the insurance application process, and enjoy a fast, flawless, and paper-free solution.

Metlife solution

Processing proposals quickly and effectively 

Brokers can quickly and easily fill out a digital form with the client, assist them in entering a biometric electronic signature, and confirm their contract. The entire process takes just a few minutes and no more than a couple of clicks.

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Feedback from the field

eModel has become an irreplaceable tool for contract proposals and has made MetLife the first choice for insurance brokers. Thanks to our app, paper consumption has been reduced by 90% and productivity has significantly increased. Within the first month, more than 3,000 application forms were completed, and the faster processing time meant higher profits. The homepage shows the proposals that are in progress and those already completed, as well as a quick overview of each application. As a result, the broker can conclude each insurance contract quickly and effectively, and earn their commission in a much shorter time.


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