Chinese Financial Institution is a leading finance company in China.
Over 20 million people use their app suite to apply for loans and instantly access their data.
Instead of paper documents toing and froing between customers and sales assistants, both have access to all correspondence online, at any time.
The Chinese Financial Institution’s process is now one of the most efficient and secure on the market.

Intro background
  • 20 million+ app users

  • 60,000 brokers signed up

  • 6-digit SMS verification access code for security



Security and efficiency are top priorities for loan companies. They want to build confidence in their customers and prove their customer’s data and funds are in safe hands. Not only do users need to know they’re protected, they also need access to quick decision making.

Chinese Financial Institution wanted to replace their existing procedure to create a secure, instant and paperless application. This would improve administration accuracy and customer satisfaction. In response, we produced a suite of technology that facilitates the needs of the business and its customers. And one that has in-built flexibility, meaning the app can be adjusted to remain in line with local regulations and policies.

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We helped Chinese Financial Institution, 60,000 brokers and 20 million users save time and money by creating a secure and efficient insurance app. The features include 6-digit SMS verification access codes, scannable ID, e-signatures and facial recognition technology validated by the Chinese national database. This allows customers to apply for loans with confidence, knowing their account and funds are secure.

Client identification screen


Not only is the suite completely secure, the application process is also customer friendly. The loan origination system is condensed into 5 steps, allowing customers to check their loan status and navigate the next step with ease. Using the app, customers can enjoy OCR technology which inputs their details and push notifications to inform them when signatures are required. Users can review, sign and send documents within minutes from the comfort of their own home.

All this without a single piece of paper.

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  • Hexagon 20M

    app users

  • Hexagon 60K

    brokers signed up

  • Fully streamlined application process
  • Completely secure
  • Flexible app to ensure compliance


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