Try now, buy later

Try now, buy later

Technology has given retailers of all sizes a lifeline. Through the early stages of the UK lockdown, during the pandemic, grocery stores were booming, with the likes of Ocado reported to now be worth more than Sainsbury's, Morrisons and M&S combined. The answer; they only sell online.

In the same breath, we also saw the new rules around social distancing have an impact on other retailers on our high street with news stories of store closures and redundancies announced daily.

Experts within the industry have stated that the lockdown has accelerated online shopping by 5 years ahead of its projection in national popularity. While the UK is still living under social distancing measures and rules, gone are the days where our famous Oxford Street is heaving with thousands of shoppers. 

With these new social measures, we are now seeing the public develop new shopping habits and these habits are most likely here to stay with most purchases now being made via mobile devices. 

Retailers have leveraged the online shopping experience in order to compete within the current marketplace - an abundance of competition with brand loyalty loosening with competitive lower and lower prices luring shoppers. 

AR Technology (Augmented Reality) has been one of the hottest trends that retailers have adopted to replace the in-store experience, customers can now feel like they are in the store trying on fashion items before buying. 

Amazon, Facebook, Ikea, L’oreal are just some of the chains that are leading the way in this space. 

Nike also, for example, has implemented a successful ‘try before you buy’ model on their website to mimic the in-store customer trill and experience of trying the latest trainers. 

This new business model for retailers has been proven to be inexpensive to scale in comparison to opening new store locations, and all the while offering a customer-centric virtual experience. 

But it doesn’t stop there, the customer journey is also analysed, by collating information on how many times an item has been viewed, what items are on their wishlist, how frequently they shop with the brand are all of many data points retailers are using in addition to VR to offer a fully rounded customer-centric and personalised shopping experience. 

Retailers never did have problems in the past with collecting this information, but they now have a proven method to implement this data to reflect their online marketing messages and personalise the customer's web browser to match their past searches to their interests.


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