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We had the idea of creating a unique mobile app and responsive website that would allow users to put in delivery requests and be able to ship consignments of any size, without having to queue at the post office or search for couriers. With a few simple steps, users would be able to create a bespoke request then simply wait for offers from couriers, before choosing the one that best suits their needs.

Mark Ferriman
252 - 260 Broad Street
Birmingham, B1 2HF



The applications, which work on iOS, Android and the web, have two basic functions: users who want to send consignments set the pickup and delivery addresses, the desired timeframes, and the expected price, and wait for bids to come in; users who want to offer their services as a courier simply enter a bid in response to a consignment request.

A unique code is applied to each item at the point of collection. Once the consignment has been shipped, push notifications update the sender on its location and progress. The mobile app combines a sophisticated backend with a convenient administrative interface, making it easy to keep an eye on all ongoing activities. To guarantee quality and reliability, the system and apps include a variety of tools for logging status updates, and the Intercom platform allows direct communication with the customer. Payments are taken in-app once the consignment has been delivered, using the secure payment service, Braintree.

Zavezu is currently undergoing testing. The final version will be released shortly, accompanied by intensive marketing campaigns.

Average Application Rating

award věnec
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